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Placement Policies

One Student One Job head - Dream Job - The student may appear for the Dream Job.

Students attending the Campus process may note the following Placement regulations:-

One Student One Job:

  • Every Student eligible for the campus recruitment is entitled to only one job. Student is not allowed to exchange the job once he gets placed in the company. They are advised to study the company portfolio before they apply.
  • The Students who get a placement offer or a pre-placement offer on the basis of their 3rd year interns, are not allowed to appear for any kind of another internship program offered by any company
  • Public Sector Undertaking Companies:

    If a student got selected in any PSU, he/she is not eligible for any other company whatsoever be the company’s status.

    Sponsored Candidates:

  • Any student who is found not attending complete selection process of any company, will be debarred from attending the selection process for next 5 companies of the concerned branch.
  • Any student who found and caught in cheating activities during the company’s test, Deliberate forgery of any kind or sharing any wrong information with the T&P cell, they will be debarred from attending the selection process of next 10 companies of the concerned department.
  • Any Student who is found misbehaving with the company executives either in or outside the interview room they will be debarred from attending the selection process for next five companies of the concern branch.
  • For placed students, character certificate of forgery |Fraud | indisciplining action will be sent to company HR and necessary action will be in walked.
  • If any student member from the Training & Placement committee found in any indisciplinary act like giving miss information to the TPC or to the company executives, forgery, involvement in cheating in the tests or in any other unlawful activities, they would immediately be removed from the Students TPC and information will be forwarded to the departmental HOD for action.

    Note: All the above policies are liable to be changed at any time solely on the discretion of the TPO authorities, for the welfare of the students.

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